What are the BENEFITS of joining Rotary?
Friendship. In an increasingly complex world, Rotary provides one of the most basic human needs: the need for friends and fellowship. It is one of the two reasons why Rotary began in 1905.
Business Development. The second original reason for Rotary’s beginning. Everyone needs to network. Rotary consists of a cross-section of every business community. Its members come from all walks of life. Rotarians help one another, and collectively help others.
Personal Growth and Development. Membership in Rotary continues one’s growth and education in human relations and personal development.
Leadership Development. Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people. Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education in leadership: learning how to motivate, influence, and lead leaders.
Citizenship in the Community. Membership in a Rotary club makes one a better community citizen. The average Rotary club consists of the most active citizens of any community.
Continuing Education. Each week at Rotary there is a program designed to keep one informed as to what is going on in the community, nation, and world. Different speakers, different topics.
Fun. Rotary is fun. A lot of fun. Each meeting is fun. The club projects are fun. Social activities are fun. And the service is fun.
Public Speaking Skills. Many individuals who join Rotary are afraid to speak in public. Rotary develops confidence and skill in public communication.  And opportunity.
Citizenship in the World. Every Rotarian wears a pin that says: “Rotary International.” And every Rotarian is welcome - even encouraged to attend - 29,000 clubs in 195 nations and geographical regions. There are few places on the globe that do not have a Rotary club. Instant friends in both one’s own community and in the world community.
The Development of Social Skills. Every week and at various events and functions, Rotary develops one’s personality, social, and people skills.
Family Programs. Rotary provides one of the world’s largest youth exchange programs; high school and college clubs for future Rotarians.
Vocational Skills. Every Rotarian is expected to take a part in the growth and development of his or her own profession or vocation; to serve on committees and to teach youth about one’s job or vocation.